Monday, May 21, 2012

tears for separation fears

 A man died this month in the Arizona desert on the way to his American family of five children and wife.
 Her husband will never have words from his mouth - no more laughter, no more memories, no more tasting food, or holding hands.
No more looking up at the sky out a window from his bed in the morning as he rolls over to ponder the day before it happens.
It is over.
His time is completely finished. Only his five children and wife will remember him now. His American family with five American children that depended on his financial contribution and care, his fatherly hand in love and correction, his arms, kisses, and presence will be forever without him.

The failure to initiate comprehensive immigration reform in the United States kills family members.
It kills them physically, as in this extreme story of a father trying to return to his needy children and wife.
It kills family members daily, little by little -
                                                                when there are papers to file
                                                                                                          that can take years to accomplish
                                      and only to hope
                                                              that after all of it
                               the end result
       is an approval.

…and for some families, the only offering is a lifetime ban with no other option.
    There are children without fathers that quietly talk to their sister about how they miss their papa, while the mother over-hears the conversation and dies inside... a four year old boy’s observation of his emotions to his two year old sister of why his father has been only randomly visited since the end of 2010.

Tonight on the phone, my husband cried.
I knew he was crying.
I could hear him.
I tried to be extra happy and we put the speaker phone on and I tried desperately to amuse the two little ones so that they would entertain his happy side to try to snap him out of what was eating him up.
Finally it got to be too much for him.
I could tell there was a difficulty in maintaining his composure, as my macho man.
This is not something that happens to him, ever.
We are all breaking down inside.
He had to hang up, crying…
I said the things we always say every day...  
                                         “Okay, Good-night”
                                            “Good-night...See you tomorrow”            
                                         “See you tomorrow… I love you”
                                             “I love you... Be careful baby.”

Why do so many die in the desert?


  1. I don't ever want my husband to cross that desert again. Our future is not worth that risk, we'll find a way to be happy together somewhere.

  2. My husband will never cross it again. Even if it means staying in Mexico for the rest of our lives.

    The AMerican government needs to wake up and see what it is doing to the American families! There are so many children and parents who die inside a little bit mpore each day they are separateed form their families. Then, there are the ones like the man you said died in the desert. They will never see their children or spouse ever agin and their children will grow up without their father. I can only pray that one day we as Americans won't be punished becasue we fell in love with somebody from another country, whose only crime was to cross the border to make a better life for theirselves. And that the American children, who are the innocent ones. They do not deserve to grow up without a parent. You always hear them say it takles both parents to raise a child, then, why do they take them away?

    Great Post, sorry for the rant, but it is horrible.

  3. I have told my husband the same, that we will stay in Mexico as long as need be, but he will not cross the desert again. As much as I yearn to be back in my home country, I cannot imagine burying the man I love to live there.

  4. Thank you ladies for responding... things are looking up... I will blog about it soon.