Wednesday, February 2, 2011

leather on skin

        Maybe why this feels so horrible, the immigration issue as it pertains to my family being compromised, is because it was so unexpected. Similar to a death of a loved one. If they were sick for awhile and died, ok it sucks, but we all knew it was coming. However when you are talking in the kitchen about what you will make for dinner when they come back, and they dont ever come back, that is the kind of death that will make you wonder. All the questions that race through your confused and saddened mind. Why him? Why is this happening to me? Is God listening? Blah blah blah...
       We were just living our lives, and until recently, always thought everything was ok cause eventually we would get our way, with what we wanted, cause that is just how it is. As soon as my Dad was convinced to help pay, and until the racism died down a bit, we will just wait it out. That would not be a problem to a person who craved adventure.
      But the opinion in the country is getting worse. Nothing seems to be in our favor. I fear for my children's lives.
       My husband was here. It was a way of life, we werent dodging anything, cause at that time, there wasnt anything to dodge. No one cared about his status. But it has found its way out of the dark hole and into the minds of many Americans, how is that possible. I wonder if it is a dream, cause how is it possible this twist of fate could completely unravel my future.


  1. well hell, when I saw leather on skin, I was thinking something a little more kinky here, lol.


  2. Oh's amazing how the little things get to me. I'm in tears remembering the night my husband was taken into custody. I had made a special dinner for the two of us. When he didn't come home I put his plate in the fridge. I cried like crazy when I finally threw away the rotten leftovers.