Monday, March 18, 2013

Child Molestors in the Church

I am hurt by the way humanity is
No one cares but yet everyone is so quick to judge
It is so easy to hurt someone and damage them forever
And only keep expecting more as if they are a black hole of happiness devouring mouths
That never stop talking about how everyone else is bad
If someone is a victim and you say you feel bad for them, making judgment on the stigma of the situation only hurts everyone, not just the one that is meant to be hurt, only to satisfy your own fears of who you are
I am tired of people making fun of my church as a bunch of child molesters
Have you ever been close to a child molester – cared deeply for one?
Have you ever been the victim of a child molester and forgiven your assailant?
Have you ever had to report someone that you loved, to protect someone that you love?
What right do you have to accuse the whole of my church in this and laugh about it so insensitively?
If a child molester was a marathon runner, should we laugh at all runners?
If all fishermen were child molesters, would we stop eating seafood because of the stigma?
And make anyone who does eat seafood feel guilty for eating child molester fish?
People that say they do not like to be stereotyped are the worst
I have watched countless trolls online that hate the undocumented with some type of vengeance
When they are immigrants themselves (but did it the 'right' way)
Why are you afraid to forgive people when you are not perfect?
What if the person that you love more than anything is something that you hate and you find out and you have to judge them whether you want to or not, even if it is the most horrible thing that you have ever had to do. Because you love them, you see why they did it, you see the innocent baby that they were born as, and you know their good side, and what happened between then and now – what broke them into the piece that committed the act that you now have to judge.
To know that your judgment is going to break them into more pieces, to an permanent broken state
Because they broke someone else into pieces, they must be broken into more pieces
Then everyone is broken… all of the innocent babies that were born of this are now all broken as adults
And to not understand where and how to forgive, to begin to heal, to find where it went wrong
The basis of Christianity to forgive, conflicting with judging another as a human
Child molestation is not what you think. It is not about sex.
It is about broken people breaking more people
It is not about the Catholic faith or the Catholic Church, period.

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