Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Where is your home?
Proof in existence is asking yourself where you home is...
A home is important and establishes a safe place.

It can be the focus of a woman in labor as she stares
at that concentration point on the wall...
pushing her child into the world..
while her mind is focused on her home
for clarity of her existence....
It can be a man that is ready to endeavor
on major surgery to save his health
as he is wheeled on the stretcher,
he focuses on his home
for confidence that he has a
reason to live.

Marriages blossom within a home, forming families...
and routines...
... even broken marriages hang on to each other
 for the love of their home that they share...
Children find their base in life in their home...
visiting their parents when they become adults,
at their childhood home at Christmas-time.

A home can be pretty important, no matter what is considered to be a home... 
even if their only home be within the arms of their beloved.
A home is where you desire to be,
where you find comfort.

Presently, there are thousands of families that have been displaced...
from their homes...
from their loved ones...
from their lives...

And it is all on the USA Government's shoulders
in their meetings
dressed in suits
talking statistics

They say,
get in this imaginary line
with this imaginary solution...

to get your home back,
if you will.

You my dear government officials with all of your disassociation from the real guilt in the matter,
are going to have to do better than that.

We are organizing
We are going to convince the American public
and we will...

There is no "you" in America,
but there is an "U.S" in America.

We the People, matter.

Family unity.


  1. I started a petition on the White House website- go and sign!
    You can view and sign the petition here:

    Here’s some more information about this petition:

    Reform the waiver process and ease the extreme hardship requirement to allow families to stay together in the US.