Wednesday, April 11, 2012

t i m e

           Today’s mail consisted of two letters.

    The kitchen was cleaned and dishes washed from this evening’s dinner of split-pea and ham soup that I made from the ham bone from our Easter ham two days ago, and I swiped up the letters off the table while my hands were still damp.

    My eyes focused on the addressee of the first letter from the Church:
                          “Mr. & Mrs. Ricardo Magana”
…and I let out a little whimper, a bitter-sweet emotional release…

     This was a new one for me, to see our marriage in official title name form like that.
It was a hope of a future as a family in the United States.
I smiled with a tear…
Stupid and silly, but nonetheless, it was precious at least, in this worn out life.

     Second letter was addressed from the hospital; I figured an unpaid bill from my recent visit…
Out fell a single ultra-sound photo of our late pregnancy, nothing more…
With no explanation or paper of description as to why it was mailed to me.

Appreciation of the little things  

Getting ready to call my husband as I do every night about this time – maybe I will tell him about it.

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