Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Feet

     When I first met Ricardo I thought he had the most attractive feet that I ever laid my eyes on. I thought he should be a foot model for a magazine or foot-creme ad or something. I used to think that my feet were so ugly in comparison. I felt embarrassed that someone with such nice feet would probably look at my feet and be disgusted or think funny things that made me self conscious.
     After some years passed I started to notice the imperfections in his feet. His two middle toes seemed to be the same size and so were his two little toes. How did I not notice this before? Were these different feet than what I remember them being from those perfect feet? I was confused.
    When the baby was born and her little toe stuck out to the side, I immediately realized that she had her father's feet. I remembered back to when our son was born and his feet were also with the same little tricky toe... that of his father's.
     At this point, his imperfections of his feet combined with how beautiful they are all at the same time, I realize that it happens like that in marriages sometimes. You love someone in total even after you realize they have a tricky toe.
     When someone that you love in turn loves you for who you are, ugly and all, you start to see yourself differently, more of what they see in you blossoms in your own eyes about yourself.
...I think my feet are kind of cute now.
      The best part about our feet are when they are at the bottom of the bed, hugging each other warm under the covers.

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