Monday, September 12, 2011

Beginning Prayer

February 1st
Please God, help us to know your will, gently direct us on the path that leads us to you.
Use me to help provide wisdom to those people who do not understand the hearts of the family of the undocumented Americans. Please give me the words for hope for my friends.Help us to forgive the government for wounding us so deeply and personally. I hope you will keep me and my family and all my friends' family safe from the white supremacy people too. Please show us the right way to go about doing your work and let your love move through us.

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  1. That really hit home. Thank you for sharing. I am currently living in Mexico with my husband and two of my three daughters. One is still in the states because her father will not allow her to come to Mexico. I feel and know all too well your pain. My prayers are for your family as well.